Top Tourist Destinations India

Top Tourist Destinations India

India, the country of diversity invites you with warn welcome. This macro picture of India and its various perennially more top tourist destinations India listed and described here make a virtual tour before it is realized.

1- Delhi: First top tourist destinations in India is Delhi. This is the first place you land for tour in India. Delhi being the capital city of India, showcases the ancient historian properties and places in India as well as modern India, influenced with western culture in the styles of living. The diversity starts here. You witness the old city of Delhi, which is crumbled as well as the contradicting new Delhi, which is an organized place. The significance of Delhi as the prime or capital city of this country is not in recent years, but before ages. The Indraprastha in great Indian epic Mahabharatha had been witnessed here as Red Fort of Delhi. The diversity of the old and New Delhi is because of the diverse kingdoms ruled over here from Mughals to British. And it is British who shifted the capital city of India from Kolkata to Delhi.

Delhi is the second largest city in India, after Mumbai. This is the place, where you can find the extreme temperatures both in Summer and winter. So, plan and arrange your attire accordingly before reaching here. The temperature ranges from single digit degrees Celsius to more than 40 degrees Celsius.

Once you reach Delhi in the international airport, you need to travel for 23 km to reach the city. Or if you wish to go for domestic terminal from the international airport, it is just 5 km and can easily be reached by shuttle buses. Be little more conscious and careful while choosing the transport and negotiate the fare, time and all other details well before starting your journey with private transportation.

Now where to go in Delhi Mosques, forts and monuments – Though these mosques, forts and monuments are left over from the Mughal kingdom, they are well taken care by the Indian government and decorated them with beautiful landscaped gardens. The diversity is not just in old and New Delhi, you can see the diversity of the people over there and diversity in food. You should not miss the mouth watering street food all over the places inDelhi, and most importantly in Chandni chowk. You could find beautiful and luxurious spas, especially Amatra spa.

When it comes to safety, it is very important to inform especially woman, to be very careful and going single is not advisable and strictly no during the nights. Conservative standards of dressing can help you to be away from harassments.

2- AGRA for TajMahal :  Second top tourist destinations in India is Agra. Just travel 200 km in high speed trains or Yamuna Exressway on road from Delhi to reach Agra in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This soft as well as aggressive monument and one of the Seven Wonders of the World should be first place to visit in India. This is a symbol for iconic love, which was gifted by Shah Jahan to his one of the most beloved wife, Mumtaz. This great monument took 22 years to be completed with the continuous efforts of 20,000 workers. Inside the Taj Mahal, there is a tomb of Mumtaz and the monument is all made of marble and many other precious gems.

Taj Mahal is open for long hours from 6 am to 7 pm and is also allows visitors during the nights during the full moon days. It is on for 6 days a week, except on Fridays. Entry is free for children below 15 years.

The remarkable event, Taj Mahotsav is celebrated for ten days in every year in the month of February. Taj Mahotsave becomes the platform for the diverse cultures through the length and breadth of India, including cultural activities, arts and crafts. The whole diversity of  India can be seen here without physically being resent in the states of India. Once you complete visiting Taj Mahal, reach Mehtab Bagh, just opposite to Taj Mahal for beautiful landscape garden occupying over 23 acres.

3- Udaipur, Rajasthan: Udaipur is the city of man made beauty. The city is filled with lakes and palaces. Exploring Udaipur is exploring the royalty of the living of kings ruled India. The list of palaces goes long and to start with City palace complex, whichever the direction you turn your head, you would find one palace. The regal attractions of this city lace complex, includes Udaipur city palace museum, Durbar Hall, Crystal Gallery, Sunset Terrace, Jag Mandir, Vintage car collection, Shiv Nivas palace hotel, Fateh prakash palace hotel.

The next place to visit from here is Bagore ki Haveli, a beautiful architectural splendor, which is placed near edge ofLakeat Ganguar Ghat. The royal family lifestyle is what is showcased to experience from here. This huge haveli has more than 100 rooms, courtyards with terraces made with beautiful frescoes and mirror word. The royal paintings, costumes, accessories and many other Rajasthan’s traditional art and craft items are well decorated and exhibited here.

Lake Pichola and Fateh Sagar Lake These two are the manmade lakes. Take paddle or motor boats to explore the lakes as well as views of surrounding laces including city palace complex.

Monsoon palace It had been favourite monsoon spending place of the royal families. It has been restored after a long break. This is a must visit place especially during the sunset time of the day. Sajjan Garh Wildlife Sanctuary is just close to this place, which is yet another attractionUdaipur.

Shri Eklingji Prabhu Temple 20 km far from Udaipur, is a good place for the tourists with spiritual and religious beliefs. This God Shiva temple is made of marble and has great colorfully painted statue of lord Shiva’s Nandi.

4- Jaisalmer: Jaisalmar is yet another favorable visiting place from Rajasthan. It is also referred as being straight out of a romantic Arabian Night fable. It is famous as standstone city which houses five palaces, many temples, along with exquisite havelis with shopping and residential.

5- VARANASI: Varanasi has been the one of the most sacred places in India and most sacred place in north India.Varanasi is remarkable and famous for Lord Shiva, the god of creation and destruction. Hindu mythology says just one dip in the river Ganges can cleanse away all sins of self till then and the human dies here would be independent from the further incarnations of life. Various kinds of devotees reach here as their final destinations and diverse ways of worshiping the God, make you experience paradigm shifts in your life.

Varanasi is comfortable to be visited in the months from October to march, during the winter.

Vishwanatha temple is another holy and sacred temple here to visit. A cool walk on banks of the Ganges river make you witness of different kinds of aggressive rituals performed especially during the last phase of a human being in Hinduism.

6- Ajantha and Ellora caves, Maharashtra : Ajantha and Ellora caves are 63 to count, in which 29 from Ajantha and 34 caves from Ellora carved centuries before, from 2nd century BC to 11th century AD.

You can find caves of Buddhist in Ajantha and caves of mixture of Buddhist, Hindus and Jains in Ellora.

The opening hours would be from 9 am to 5 3m and are open during the national holidays. Ajantha is closed on Mondays and Ellora on Tuesdays.

The most remarkable event of this place is Ellora Ajanta festival which is held in Golden palace called soneri mahal. So plan your tour in the month of November last week to not to miss this festival, where most of the renounced and distinguished singers deliver their performances.

7- HAMPI, Karnataka : Hampi is around 370 km distant from Bangalore, which is the capital city of Karnataka.

A special temple called vittala temple, is open from 8.30 am to 530 m. and the elephant stables are open from 8 am to 6 m.

If your mission of travelling is to explore the cultures all overIndiaand world, you should not miss the hampi festival which is held in last week of January. Dance, drama, music, fireworks and the ancient puppet shows mesmerize on this platform for the Indian culture.

8- MADHURAI: South India, which is famous for temples, has this precious Madhura Meenakshi temple found in Tamil Nadu. It is one of the magnificent temples with huge, tall temple walls architecture with great micro work.

A remarkable festival held here is the Chitiral festival, during Aril.

9- KERALA BACKWATERS: Living on the water, in the houseboat gives pleasant experience through little scary initially. Not just living, a long trip to the great surrounding views sitting in the house and floating on water is beyond expression and worth experiencing. Your eyes would surely witness lush green landscapes, diverse wildlife make you feel living in another world. Diverse views to the eyes would have a company of diverse tasting of food by the tongues which both ultimately make your soul to celebrate festival of exploring new cultures and experiencing new and never seen sights.

10- VARKALA. KERALA :   At the end top Ten tourist destinations in India is Varkala, rare combination of cliff and beach aside give a macro or bird view of the large ocean,Arabian Sea. The long winding stretch of the cliffs through beautiful, peaceful and magnificent view of the beach. The beach is bordered with coconut trees, quaint shops.

December to March are the best months to visit this place.

Varkala is a best place to rejuvenate oneself with the calm, peaceful and beautiful nature and good place to relax in our busy lives.

A large view of sunset in the beach mesmerizes you and surprises this wonderful celestial world with great experience. The mineral water from the spring dropping from the cliffs is believed to have medicinal values. Kerala is also named as Gods own country because of its nature and nature treatments for health. You should experience the natural therapies, yoga, ayurvedic massage which would hardly be getting from the other parts of India.

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