Taj mahotsav festival 2015 India

Taj mahotsav festival 2015 India

What is the event?
Welcome, one of the most spectacular events of India and in fact in to the mega 10 day (18th  to 27th February) carnival of Agra, Taj mahotsav festival 2015 the world. This 10 day extravaganza is an annual event exclusively enriched with the tradition and life style of old moghul era and navabi, which were present in Uttarpradesh during 18th and 19th centuries.

Where does it take place?
It is celebrated at Shilpgram just a stone throw away from Taj Mahal, in Agra in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This venue for Taj Mahotsav has significance that it is the same place, where the artisans, who built Taj Mahal were said to be lived here.

When would this event be conducted?
The culturally vibrant platform, Taj Mahotsav for the year 2013, have finalized the dates as from 18th Feb to 27th Feb.

Why the event?
A great, peace intended initiation by Akbar is the source of this festival. Akbar has made a state policy of ‘Sulah Kul’, or Universal Peace and Harmony, which means all the religions, were equally respected. This concept is re-introduced in the year 2009 imbibing the same mission of ‘Sulah Kul’. With the increased importance for universal peace again in the present world, these festivals are celebrated with great importance.

Exquisite arts and crafts
Exquisite artisans of about 400 from entire India reach here on Taj Mahotsav event to display their eye festive arts and crafts. These impressive artisan works compete with the Taj Mahal seen just with sight view.
The wide range of art and hand works like wood, stone carvings, bamboo/cane work, paper mash works, marble and zardosi work, wood carving, brass wares, carpets of handmade, potteries, chikan work, silk & zari works, shawls & carpets, hand printing, kantha stitch from throughout length and breadth of India reach down here. These arts and crafts represent the traditional properties of respective states and regions in India.

Culture of the event

Victory processions of Mughal Emperors and warlords initiate the first day grand road procession with beautifully decorated huge elephants and camels. This procession would become more colourful and grander affair with enjoin of drum beaters, trumpet players, folk dancers, crafts persons, artisans.

After the procession, the eye festival continues with majestic and magnetic performances. Taj Mahotsav becomes the stage for national integrity with diverse cultural nuances from each state in India. Profusion of folk & classical music as well as dance of various religions and states and to make a special note of Brij Bhumi and you can’t afford to miss it at this festival. Brij Bhumi is performed according to the lifestyle which was present during centuries ago in the same place. It tests your temptation to join the folk dancers to dance without missing their rhythm.

It is certain to enjoy mouth opening cultures, dances and soul soothing music which is one stop place to cover all cultures throughout the length and breadth of India. This festive visit saves lots of money, effort and time and becomes more economical that without visiting each state of India, you would cover all traditions and arts here itself. Games for kids and mouth-watering food festivals are additional attractions found here.

You would experience time travel into Mughal era during 18th and 19th centuries, without even a pinch of doubt.

Entry of Taj mahotsav festival 2013 is economical and it charges only INR 10 for the children above 10 years. And children are allowed free. Foreign visitors have free entry into the festival.

This soul and eye treat Taj Mahotsav festival is worth visiting, not just coming from another state or country, but even from another planet.

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