Pilgrimage Places in Kerala

Pilgrimage Places in Kerala: Kerala boasts to be God’s own country and this tagline is true for this incredible place as it has a number of popular pilgrimages.  Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala, is known as “City Of Temples” and this state is the birthplace of Ayurvedic massages.  Let’s see what pilgrimage places are here to visit.

  1. Parthasarathi Temple: This temple of Lord Krishna is situated at the bank of Pampa River.  Here, Lord Krishna is worshipped in the form of Parthasarathi which means a charioteer.  Parthasarathi is just an image of Lord Krishna.  This temple is significant because of sacred jewels of Ayyappan.
  1. Cave Temple KollamCave Temple Kollam is one of the famous  Pilgrimage Places in Kerala. This temple is known for its architecture that will make you curious to know more about this impressive pilgrimage destination.  Among the temples present in Kerala, the Cave Temple of Kollam is one of the most exotic pieces of architectural marvel.  This temple was cut up from a gigantic piece of rock, lying in the middle of a paddy field, which, from distance, seems to be like a sleeping elephant is just about to wake up.
  1. Thodikkulam Temple Kannur This temple of Lord Shiva is located about 2 km from Kannavam in the Kannur district, surrounded by the distant greens of North Kerala.  Thodikkulam Temple is popular for its beautifully painted walls with the mural painting portraying different themes and scenes from Indian epics and mythology.
  1. St. Francis Church:  It is said that this church was the first one built in India by Europeans.  St. Francis church is situated at Fort Kochi and Vasco da Gama was buried over here, who was said to be the discoverer of India.  Later his remains are shipped back to Portugal.  But his tombstone is still here in the St. Francis Church.
  1. Sabarimala Temple: This temple is located on the mountain ranges of the Western Ghats and is only accessible by foot from Pamba which is 4 km away.  This temple is one of the most famous and highly visited pilgrimage places in India and it is dedicated to the Hindu God Ayyappan who meditated at this place after the slaughter of Mahisi who was a powerful demon.
  1. Parassinikadavu Sri Muthappan Temple:  This temple is situated in Parassinikadavu, 20 km away from Kannur and it is located on the banks of Valapattam River.  Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple is dedicated to Sree Muthappan, the most popular and eminent local deity.  This place is full of natural beauty.
  1. Guruvayor Temple: This temple is situated 29 km apart in the Northwest from Thrissur in Kerala.  Guruvayor Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna popularly known as Guruvayoorappan.
  2. Ochira Pilgrimage:  This temple is located in Kollam and it is a unique temple of its kind and it is not dedicated to any Deity or God.  Ochira Temple is dedicated to universal consciousness and has no idol of any God.  It is also known as Dakshina Kashi.  Ochira Kali is the main festival over here and men step into paddy fields and indulge in mock fights showing their physical skills.

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