Important words for India Travelers

Important words for India travelers

It is very important, you should know few important words during your travel in India. These words will help you in smooth travel, you can get rid of the people who can spoil your journey.

Leave me alone – “Peechaa chodo”
Give me discount/better price – “Kiraya/daam kum karo”
Tea- “chai”
Go away – “Chaley Jao”
Very well, thank you – “Bahut accha, shukriya”
The bill please – “Bill de dijiyeh”
Let’s go – “challo”
I’m not interested(when pestered to buy) – “Mujhe zaroorat nahin”
Hello – “Namaste”
Water – “Paani”
Small – “Chotta”
Thanks – “Shukriya”
This is expensive – “Yeh bahut mehanga hai”
Show me the Menu – “Mujheh minu dikhaiyeh”
Shoo away a begger – “Maaf karo”

If you know more such words that can help other travelers, do share with us.

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