Best Yoga Places In India

Best Yoga Places In India


This ancient, precious and effective health practice is 5000 years old. Yoga has been reinforced with gradual health consciousness of population not only in India, but also across the boundaries and especially in wealthy countries. A tropical yoga retreat experience recharges and replenishes you both inside and outside the body. Start sensing the spiritual experience which is inside to out, by nourishing and exploring it.

Rishikesh Uttrakhand

Lord Shiva Rishikesh

This yoga has been integral part of Hinduism, where the practices are more closely associated with nature. Its closure association with the nature is the key point of independence with better control of body, mind and spirit.

Yoga has been another inspiriting key, apart from the cultures and traditions of India that makes the tourists from all over the country to rush in to India.

Though yoga is one system, it is practiced in different ways in different places. Tourists generally visit various places in order to know the cultures across the geographical and religious boundaries. Let yoga is also one of the practices best learnt and best utilized in the lives of people, because after all, health is all the wealth and a healthy mind can be only in healthy body, except in extraordinary people like Stephen Hawking. Once these practices are known, let us institutionalize these practices and make them part of life.

Let us explore a few important and popular places for yoga in India.

Sivananda Yoga, Kerala.

Kerala is treated as God’s own country. The nature and environment is more close to experience godly environment. This state is the best known for yoga and all ancient practices to acquire better health and also for healing from acute to chronicle deceases. The idea is to give deep spiritual awareness to acquire well controlled independence of the body, mind and spirit.

Our of all the health treatment locations, Sivananda has been the best training and practicing Yoga Vedanta in Dhanwantari Ashram.

The yoga training is offered as a two week yoga holidays. It is just not yoga posture practice, rather it is a practice for healthy life style close to the nature. Staying whole day there practicing all aspects of yoga ashram is mandatory.

They are very keen with the diet as it should be synchronous to the external physical practice with the internal treatment with food.

So the training includes

  • Alcohol-free vegetarian

  • Silent meditation

  • Lectures on yoga

  • Participation in karma yoga performing the tasks related ashram activities

The packages are available for minimum stay of three nights.

Simon Low, Goa

The teacher training yoga academy has been founded and run by one the founders of Tri-Yoga. According to the experience shared by one of the trainers, this is a great place for yoga, where the most intensive training is provided.

The specialties of this training includes…

  • Develop an acute awareness of anatomy and physiology

  • Well acquaintance of dynamic asana practice.

  • The training and accommodation includes brunch, a dolphin-spotting trip with unlimited herbal tea.

They run yoga holidays at Lotus Yoga Retreat in Patnem beach, in order make the most productive and great investment of holidays to enrich the life with health and nourishing freshness.

The classes are conducted twice a day for 12 days. A beautiful accommodation would be provided in more natural way, i.e. in bamboo huts at the beachfront.

Paramarth Niketan, Rishikesh

Paramarth Niketan is located in Peaceful surroundings in cool Himalaya which is resting at the banks of Ganges. Swami Chidanand Saraswati offer yoga classes in English also. Its effective ingredient in yoga classes is “in a spiritual ambience”.

Parmarth international yoga festival is witnessed here in the month of March, every year. This festival becomes the reason for gather of 550 participants, practitioners from 32 countries. The objective of this gathering is to enrich yoga practice with different streams of yoga along with the healing arts. The healing arts include Reiki, Shinto yoga, and power yoga.

Ashiyana retreat, Goa

This yoga training in serene site is located in northern Goa, and conducts daily yoga and meditation classes. So, when you go for short tour to Goa, taste yoga, at least for one day taught by resident teachers and international visiting teachers.

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