Tourist Places North East India

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Tourist Places in North East India

 North East India is famous for its scenic beauty and enthralling hills.

                                MAGHALAYAHUES OF NATURE                                         

Maghalaya is one of the beautiful states of India.  This state is well known for its scenic and beautiful landscapes and hill stations.  Shillong is the capital city of Maghalaya and very much famous among the tourists for its beauty and nature.  Shillong is a good tourist base and it offers a number of beautiful places like Ward’s lake, Lady Hydari Park, Polo Ground, Mini Zoo, elephant Falls and countless fascinating places for tourist attractions who love to visit the hill.  Maghalaya is world renowned place tucked between Assam and Bangladesh.  Maghalaya is the place with 780 caves and many are unexplored.  The best time to visit Maghalaya is September to April.  June to September should be avoided due to heavy rain fall.

                        MIZORAM: – NIGHTINGALE OF THE NORTH EAST

Mizoram is a land of hills which are always covered by blue fogs.  That’s why Mizoram is called Land of Blue Mountains.  This state is bounded by Manipur, Assam and Tripura.  While a part of Mizoram touches the boundary of Bangladesh and Myanmar.  There are many tourist destinations like Champai, Tamdil, Vantawang fall and Thenzawl with its number of festivals and dances, natural beauty and ancient traditions. Mizoram is a pleasure trove for the discerning visitors.  Best time to visit Mizoram is from October to March and June to September should be avoided due to heavy rain fall.

                               ASSAM:HOME OF THE BRAHMAPUTRA

Assam is the second largest state of the North East India and it is the homeland of mighty river Brahamputra.  Assam is blessed with natural beauty and resources.  With some of the historic temples and places Assam is the state that supports huge range of rare and endangered creatures which you will find in the great Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary and this sanctuary is famous for its one horn Rhino.  The project tiger reserve Manas Wild life sanctuary is a world heritage site. Assam is also home to the world’s largest inhabited river Island Majuli.


Manipur is located in an oval valley amongst smoky blue hills and this North Indian state is famous for its traditions of the arts and handicrafts.  The state has wondrous balance of flora & fauna ad due to this reason the forest sustains a host of rare and endemic plants and animal life. The dancing deer, the rarest creatures of the world is found here.  Above all, Manipur is known to be the land of Vaishnavite faith .The Raz Laela dance is based on the legendry love of Radha & Krishna. Best season to visit here is from October to March.


Arunachal Pradesh is one of the famous destinations in India for holidays.  Arunachal Pradesh holds an important position as shares its borders with the Republic of China on its North, the State of Assam of its Sourth, Myanmmar on the East and the Royal Kingdom of Bhutan on the west.  Rising from the tropically lush valleys of the Brahamputra River and the peaks of Eastern Himalayas, Arunachal Pradesh is one of the must visited destinations in North East India.  Misty Mountains, Verdant Valleys, Impetuous Rivers and Rare Sanctuaries are some characteristics of Arunachal Pradesh that make this state a must visited place. Best months to explore here are from October to May.

                                NAGALAND: – SWITZERLAND OF THE EAST

Nagaland is called the Switzerland of the North east India because of its rich and beautiful sights.  Nagaland is called the land of unique tradition and culture.  The state consists of 16 major tribes along with other sub-tribes and each tribe has its own custom and tradition, different dialects and dresses.  Despite of this diversity people here are warm-hearted and extremely hospitable.  There are many places to visit and explore in Nagaland.  Wild animals like elephant, leopards, tiger and wild buffalo are found in deep jungles while it’s vast expanses of paddy fields, fed by an elaborate indigenous irrigation system.  Best months to visit here are from November to April

Note:  Please avoid visiting North East India during monsoon season from May to September due to heavy rain fall.                          

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