Manali Tourist Places

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Manali Tourist Places

Manali, which is the most scenic area with picturesque hill station and the most enchanting exhilarating tourist places is located in the district Kullu in the state of Himachal Pradesh, in India. Manali has an altitude of 2,050m from the sea level and the official language is Hindi. Manali has a great significance for the Indian culture. The significance is because it is said to be the home for Saptharishi or Seven Sages.

Hadimba Temple

Hadimba temple, which is said to be built in 1533, is very similar to the pagoda in design, which is the religious place for Buddhists. This stunning architectural temple is devoted for Hadimba, and has four stories associated with the history of this temple. One of the four stories was that this temple is devoted to Hadimba, who is said to be wife of Bhima, who is physically strongest pandava brothers in the Indian epic of Mahabharath.

Tibetan Monasteries

A large number of migrants from Tibet live in Kullu district. Medium-sized sculpture of Lord Buddha and multi-coloured wall paintings have been the principal attractions of this religious residence. Another prime attraction is big bust of Lord Buddha with a golden face. You can plan to buy carpet from verities of handwork carpet manufacturing division from this place in India.

The famous Manu Temple

This temple is devoted to the legendary sage and the Hindu lawgiver Manu. Manali is named after this Manu, who stayed in this area. This place is said to be historic spiritual place in Manali which is flooded with Indian as well as foreign tourists.

Rohtang Pass, the highest jeebable road in the world

Rohtang Pass, which is a must visit attraction, with an elevation of 3,978 m is 51km far from Manali. You can experience the breathtaking vista of Himalaya range standing on this jeebable road, which is the highest jeebable road in the world. It attracts adventurous tourists, with wide range of adventure sports like mountain biking, skiing, heli skiing and paragliding. Visiting this place also covers Dasohar Lake and Beas Kund for transparent, freezing cold and finger numbing water.

Rehella Falls

Rehella Falls, is edged by birch and well surrounded by Deaodar forest. It is just 16 km distant from Manali. Waterfalls with an elevation of 9000 feet with dripping water from dissolving glaciers and vertical stones are witnessed by the nature’s stunning beauty with borders.

Vashist Springs

A pyramid shaped rock temple is devoted to sage Vashishta and is famous for hot springs. Vashishta springs is raised out of stone at Vashisht. The water from this spring has a specialty of therapeutic nature and can heal many of the diseases.

Arjun Gufa

Arjun Gufa, which is just 15 km away from Manali, is famous for Arjuna, who is one of the Pandava brothers from Indian mythology. This holy place is believed to be the place, where Arjuna has acquired a great commanding weapon called Pasupatha asthra, after staying and exercising contemplation here.


Just 6 km away from Manali and placed at the riverbanks of Beas, this Jagatsukh is the home for temple of Shiva, most famous god from Thrimurthulu. Temple is enriched with sikhara pattern. Another temple called Devi Sharvati mandir is also close by this temple. This place has the biggest rural community which was served as a capital of Kullu district.

Nehru Kund

The distance from Manali to Nehru kund is also just 6 km. This place is noted for the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, first Prime Minister of India. This place is particularly famous for fresh water spring, extracted from Brhigu Lake.

Roerich Art Gallery

The art gallery of Roerich, who is a renounced and talented artist, with a noble vision of uniting the world through the art of painting is situated here. He came from Russia and followed the famous October Revolution in 1917.

Art museum of Uruswathi Himalayan Folk

This art museum was initiated by Nicholas and his wife in 1928. This beautiful art museum is worth watching for wide range of themes of art and is located inside the compound of Roerich estate in Naggar.

Solang Valley

Solang valley is yet another must visit place for adventurous tourists. This famous valley has snow-covered crests, glaciers with stunning beautiful sight view. This 13 km distant place from Manali, is the home for Department of Mountaineering, skiing instruction center and ANTREK campsite resort.

Van vihar

Tourists enjoy this Van Vihar forest area also with boating in the small pond. It is situated in the middle of Manali, on Mall road near the Tibet Market.

Club house

Club house is famous for adventure, amusing and literature. You can do adventure with roller skating rink and bungee jump and amuse in billiards room, bar and restaurant and find the literature in the library all with comprehensive facilities.

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