Leh Manali highway for Adventure

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Leh Manali highway for Adventure

Journey traversing from Manali to Leh is one of the most exciting adventurous tours with stunning array of visual landscapes throughout the journey. The adventure is because of the way of the highest mountain path in the world. This adventurous tour starts from Manali and reaches Leh, via Pir Panjal, Great Himalayas and the Zanskar ranges.

Manali-Leh road is 16,500 feet high. Hundreds of passengers from all over India and other countries reach here for the joy of adventure in a cool snowy environment.

Sometimes the snowfalls over this place, doubles the adventure of the Manali Leh safari, no matter jeep safari or Bike Adventure or a bicycle creeping.

So on the way, the adventure has to overcome the flooded brooks with the snowcapped mountain tops, uneven road paths in the cold deserted ways. It would be common for Baralacha la to wet in the mild snowfall almost day long and every day. The temperature drops from the normal and adventure goes peak.

On the way what you traverse through are

The lush alpine forests
Grasslands of Kullu Valley
The scrubby slopes of the lahaul
Great Himalayas with the peaks, snow capped
Kiling sarai orchre mountains
Sarchu plans with beautiful magnificent grasslands
Sand blasted anthill slopes towards pang
Rolling edged Morey plains
Low mountains which look like bowl
Finally Indus valley leading the villages of Ladkh
Final destination Leh


MANALI TO ROTHANG LA – The journey starts with upstream river of Beas, which looks like hidden in between two mountains. These mountains also have vertical rivers, called waterfalls from steep rocks beside pine trees and vegetation clinging.

The following break is Gulaba with series of switchbacks and going forward can find Marthi. Now on the way to witness for lush slopes which are at south of Pir Panjal range, which is a slight steep road to climb to find the snow capped peaks. Out of these countable peaks, Gyephang is the majestic twin peak which is more attracting out of all these and is placed at Rothang pass.
Take time to climb this Rothang pass to not to miss the wonderful views of the lush valley which are surrounded with the snow capped peaks.

The flip side of Rothang pass, is the huge green landscapes which is called as Lahaul region. These landscapes look dry and more greenery can be found from the banks of the river with farmlands. This is the best place to find the vegetation.

As the journey progresses, the next lap is the Bhaga river on the way to Himalaya range. You would startle the view of the landscape transitioning before your eyes.

The next destination is the Baralach La, through which you would pass the Great Himalayas. You could have seen all the taller monuments and mountains in this world if the earth is flat from here, as its altitude 4900m, which crosses the greatest and highest mountain range in the world.

The further destination is Sarchu which is another diverse landscape. The green mountain here seems to be powdered with the white snow falls ensuring the festival to the eyes and soul. The road from here leads to Sarchu plains.
Sarchu plains is yet another grassy plain which forms the valley made in between by Great Himalaya as well as Zanskar ranges.  The Yamuna River crosses this place with deep and wide canyon. You can also rest and prolong your eye festival in the Sarchu camp, with the hot food and accommodation available here.

Crossing this Sarchu, the next valley welcomes is the Tsarap valley. The adventurous biking enjoys its peaks with multiple and immediate hairpin bends and to count are 21 in the Zanskar range. The ride over the bike will cover 10km traversing the altitude from 4200 km to 4700km. Going the way, greeny vegetation with blue mountains sheep herds add beauty to the adventure.

Then comes the Gata loops and flow you to the Nakeela pass on the steady slope. The scary propositions are not uncommon if you just move your head to your right.

Crossing the Nakeela pass, you would reach Whiskey Nullah campsite, which seems to be a short break to relax between two peaks. Now is the time to climb once again another peak, Lachulung La pass. So far what you have experienced would be different from what you are going to experience.

Adventures find more adventurous in this snaky road through a narrow canyon called Lachulung Lungpa stream beside your bike wheels. You would find more dramatic landscapes here with extraordinary shapes. The shapes are not uncommon from anthills to the clusters of contrast blocks of chess board.

This road now leads to pang. After long ride on the bike or long journey in the jeep, now you can relax and settle temporarily in warm accommodation and feast with the hot food.

Now tie your shoelaces, for yet another adventurous journey. This journey unfolds you to the Morey plains. This plain soft land, fringed by short hills, extends to 45 km like a warm up for your further ride after relaxation.  The puffy clouds seem to be reachable with a small jump. If you are fortunate enough, you could spot Tibetan wild asses, Kiang over the land and not rare to come across red tailed fox too.

Now by the time you reach the edge of Morey plains, the road again, becomes slightly vertical with a gradual slope to table top mountains. The Morey plains can be witnessed with bird eye view with panoramic view. The snow capped peaks of the mountains remind the initial days of the journey and become the final touch of it here.

By this time, you would have reached Tanglang La, which is last but destination to Leh. The road here is steep, descending the way towards the gorgeous valley called Indus valley. From here, you would start finding the manned areas, in the villages called Ladakhi, Rumtse, Sasoma and Gya.

Crossing these villages, meet Upshi and plain road from here leads to the final destination Leh.

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